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For Project Funding Inquiries:

DP FUNDING is a specialized project funding procurement firm, dedicated to connecting project owners with our network of private debt lenders, ensuring tailored financing solutions without acting as a direct lender.


If you are seeking funding for your project, we are here to help. To ensure a smooth and efficient process, please follow this step:

  • Complete the Initial Project Assessment Form:


Please complete the Initial Project Assessment Form (available at This is essential for us to understand the specifics of your project. It is also the primary document that the pre-underwriting team will review to determine if your project aligns with the Lenders' funding criteria.

Providing detailed responses and as much information as possible is crucial, as incomplete forms will not be processed. 


In the form’s upload section, you are encouraged to include any supporting documents such as a Project Executive Summary, Project Investment Deck, or Feasibility Study.


This thorough approach ensures that we give proper attention to each submission and progress only those projects that meet Lenders' funding criteria.

As a guideline, we typically assist with projects seeking a minimum of $250M and that have liquid collateral of at least 20% of the project CAPEX.

  • Important:

Email inquiries and submitted forms that do not include the answers to our project pre-assessment form questions will not be processed.


This is because the information we ask for in the form is crucial for lenders to understand your project and make an informed decision as to whether lenders can or cannot assist with funding for the project.

By following this process and completing the Initial Project Assessment Form with the necessary details, you can expedite the review of your project by the pre-underwriting team.

We look forward to receiving your project finance inquiry!

For All Other Inquiries:

Please direct any non-funding-related questions or communications to us via email at We are available to assist you with any other information or support you might need.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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