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Get Private Debt Project Funding

$250 Million - $5 Billion+

We Help You SECURE FUNDING For Your Project.


NO Upfront Fees.

Real Estate  |  Hospitality  |  Infrastructure  |  Energy  |  Mining  |  Agriculture Sectors

All Global Locations With Good Economics Considered

Private Debt Lender Established 2007

You Are:

A Project Owner / Project Principal or a Project Sponsor looking for Private Debt Project Funding.

We Are:

DP Funding is a London boutique firm. We help Project Owners secure Project Finance. 

We are direct to Capital - Private Debt Lenders established in 2007 and open to funding projects from 250,000,000 USD to 5,000,000,000 USD and more (there is no upper cap for funding).  


We Give You:

We give you Direct Access to the Lenders and Project Funding, otherwise unavailable on the open market. 

The vast majority of projects fail and do not move forward due to rejection for finance by traditional lenders and banks. We solve this problem by giving Project Owners and Sponsors privileged direct access to the Private Debt Lenders.

We are direct to Capital - No daisy chains. No intermediaries. And NO upfront fees.

No borrower and no project are the same. This is why each project is considered and structured individually. 

We understand that time is of the essence when a good opportunity presents itself. We process your Funding Inquiry in a fast and efficient manner, helping you overcome the main obstacle to bringing your project to life:  lack of funding.

We know how to talk to Capital. We know what Capital wants. We know what and how you need to present it to Capital. If your project is deliverable, we can guide you through the process and help you secure Private Debt Project Finance in a feast and efficient manner.  

Funding Open To: 


Real Estate Development and Sustainable Real Estate
Infrastructure Projects
Hospitality and Asset Purchases
Hydro Power, Energy Storage, Green Energy, Solar, Wind, Biofuel, Biomass
Telecommunications, Technology and Information Technology
Mining, Oil and Gas Projects
LNG Projects

Funding Overview:

Project size: From $250 Million. No upper cap ($5B plus). 
Collateral required: 10-20% of the Project Expenditure
Deal bundling possible for projects below $250 Million if Project Owners / Sponsors have other projects in a pipeline. 
Locations: All regions with verifiable sound economics.
Industries: All industries with good verifiable economics. 

Asset Monetisation: 

We can also help with Asset Monetisation. Please get in touch to discuss your funding needs. 

Ready To Accelerate Your Project?

Our Mission: 

Our clients' success is our success, and we aim to deliver the first-class client-centred experience to securing funding. 

We believe that strong partnerships are the best way to achieve that. Our exclusive global network of financiers and industry leaders allows us help our clients achieve their funding objectives in an efficient manner.  

Senior Management:

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Beata Drezek

Private Debt Project Funding  

Beata has over 25 years experience in Real Estate and business. She has worked with some of the largest organisations in the world such as the European Investment Bank, the European Commission or the biggest UK developer Barratt Homes. She is also a US Family Office Ambassador. 


Beata helps Project Owners secure Project Finance directly from Private Debt Capital. No intermediaries, no daisy chains, and no upfront fees.  

Why Work With Us:



The Process: 


First, the Lenders determine if a project is a good fit by reviewing an Executive Summary / Project Teaser / Pitch Deck. 

Once the Lenders determine a project is a good fit, we will invite Project Owners to an introduction call with the Project Intake Officer. 

Then the Lender will also review Team CV’s / Experience, Proforma/IRR, Construction / Project Budget & Draw Schedule, 
Sources & Uses, Site Control Status, Feasibility Study (if available). 

Finally, if the Project Owners and the Lender agree to proceed, the Project Funding process will start.  

Please note that like any mainstream lender or bank, the Funders will thoroughly screen both the Project itself and Project Principals and Sponsors.  

Next Step: 

Contact us to discuss your funding needs. Please send your Project Teaser or Pitch Deck to .

We look forward to working with you!

Ready To Accelerate Your Project?

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