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Private Debt Project Funding

From $250 million to $5 billion +

DIRECT to Capital
NO upfront fees
NO intermediaries
NO chains

We are a Premium Project Funding Placement firm that partners directly with established Private Capital Providers.


Our primary goal is to assist Project Owners in securing private debt financing for their large-scale projects. Get to know us.

Private Debt Funding For Mega Projects

All Global Locations With Good Economics Considered

Private Debt Lenders Established 2013

Project Funding Products:

Large Project Finance:

Projects from $250M to $5B+ (no upper cap)

road infrastructure project

Acceleration Project Finance:

Funds small and mid-size businesses of all types

Image by Jr Korpa
  • Focus on businesses that want to expand, grow, franchise, or license their current business model

  • Lenders can work alongside the business and help them fund their plan and accelerate the

  • Each deal funding is customized (either debt or debt + equity)

  • Rates and terms vary by deal

Asset Monetization:

Unlock the economic value of assets to create new financial opportunities

Five Star Hotel
  • In addition to the aforementioned services, we can also assist with Asset Monetisation.

  • If you are interested in exploring this option or have any further inquiries, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We are more than happy to discuss your needs and see how we can help.

Construction Project Finance:

Project terms from 5-30 year terms

Crane Construction
  • Almost any project type

  • Construction financing (payments interest only during construction) to Permanent (Principal and
    Interests payments start) loan

  • Able to work with client’s budget and schedule - construction period up to 120 months

  • Gives clients additional capital for debt servicing during the construction period to pay interest only. Interest is charged only on the amount of draw during this period.

Venture Project Finance:

Start-ups with initial capital

dollar bills in a roll
  • Start-up Businesses in different industries that have initial capital

Private Placement Trading:

Exclusively for Project Owners who possess verified trading financial instruments

trading diagrams
  • For verified financial instruments trading only (cash, commodities, paper instruments).

  • Three Tier 1 Trade Desks in London, New York, and Singapore can collaborate with sophisticated parties for options starting at $100M (no maximum limit).

  • Minimum requirement for a Bullet Trade: $1B

  • If you're in this rare category, we can assist you in raising funds for your project on the Trading Floor. If you meet the qualifications and want to discuss your needs, please contact us.

How It Works:

You are:

A Project Owner / Project Principal or a Project Sponsor looking for Private Debt Project Funding.

We are:

DP FUNDING is a London boutique firm specializing in Private Debt Financing of large-scale projects. We help Project Owners or Project Sponsors secure Project Finance


We are direct to Capital - Private Debt Lenders established in 2013 - open to funding projects from 250,000,000 US Dollars to 5,000,000,000 US Dollars and more (there is no upper cap for funding). 

We give you:

We give you Direct Access to the Lenders and Project Funding, otherwise unavailable on the open market. We are direct to Capital. No daisy chains. No intermediaries. And No upfront fees.

The vast majority of projects fail and do not move forward due to rejection for finance by traditional lenders and banks. We solve this problem by giving Project Owners and Sponsors privileged direct access to Private Debt Lenders.

No borrower and no project are the same. This is why each project is considered and structured individually. We understand that time is of the essence when a good opportunity presents itself. We process your Funding Inquiry in a fast and efficient manner, helping you overcome the main obstacle to bringing your project to life: lack of funding.


We know how to talk to Capital. We know what Capital wants. We know what and how you need to present it to Capital. If your project is deliverable, we can guide you through the process and help you secure Private Debt Project Finance in a fast and efficient manner.  

The process:

First, the Lenders determine if a project is a good fit by reviewing a pre-screening form and an Executive Summary / Project Teaser / Pitch Deck. 


Once the Lenders determine a project is a good fit, we will invite Project Owners to an introduction call with the Project Intake Officer. 


Then the Lenders will also review Team CVs / Experience, Proforma/IRR, Construction / Project Budget & Draw Schedule, Sources & Uses, Site Control Status, and Feasibility Study (if available). 


Finally, if the Project Owners and the Lenders agree to proceed, the Project Funding process will start.  

Please note that like any mainstream lender or bank, the Funders will thoroughly screen both the Project itself and Project Principals and Sponsors.  

Ready to accelerate your project?

Project Funding Overview:

Funding for:

  • Real Estate Development and Sustainable Real Estate

  • Infrastructure Projects

  • Hospitality and Asset Purchases

  • Hydro Power, Energy Storage, Green Energy, Solar, Wind, Biofuel, Biomass

  • Telecommunications, Technology and Information Technology

  • Mining, Oil and Gas Projects

  • LNG Projects

Dollar-size of fundable projects:

Currently $250M and higher with no defined upper limit.

Funding requirements:

  • Project size: from $250 Million. There is no upper cap. Lenders fund projects of up to $5B or more. 

  • Collateral required: on average 10-20% of the Project Expenditure

  • Deal bundling is possible for projects below $250 Million if Project Owners / Sponsors have other projects in the pipeline. 

  • Locations: all regions with verifiable sound economics.

  • Industries: all industries with good verifiable economics. 

Loan types: 

Flexible: Single-product Project Finance-Construction-Permanent loan or another loan type combinations.

Interest rates:

Currently, the average rate is 5-7% of the capital stack for the Project. Varies with other factors (such as Project industry, Project risk level, Project Collateral amount, Prime, etc.).


Flexible. Currently, it average of 20-30 years but is scalable and lower to suit Project needs.

Project costs:

Payable Through Loan Proceeds: Soft costs, Hard costs, Closing costs, Loan interest, Bridge loans Previously-paid Project capital expenditures (with approval from Lenders).

Availability of First Tranche: 

Schedule / Construction Phase Draw: Currently 30-45 working days working after completion of the transfer deposit of Cash Collateral.


In some rare instances when the project requires larger tranche disbursements, the availability of the first tranche can take longer than the previously stated period.

Project Collateral (down payment): 

A project itself may not be used as collateral, however, Lenders allow the Borrower and/or Sponsor to source Collateral however they are able: i.e. Borrower and/or Sponsor own capital, Equity, or Joint Venture partner, Bridge Lender.

If utilizing a Bridge Lender or Investor to Finance Collateral, the Borrower and Sponsor can debt-service the bridge loan through the loan proceeds.

Simply include any debt-service disbursements to the Sponsor in the Project draw schedule.


This allows the Borrower to buy out and pay off the bridge lender or investor with the loan proceeds at any point in the Project draw schedule.

Amount of Collateral required: 

Typically 20% of the Project's capital expenditure (subject to terms).

Complete project services: 

Lenders are the loan originator, servicer, and debt and equity processor for our clients.


Thus, we also offer complete project services with a management group, a network of asset managers and advisors, and financial and advisory services.

Innovative Project Financing solutions: 

The lenders are equipped to aid project owners in structuring off-take agreements and cultivating relationships with third-party entities that hold a financial interest in the project.


For instance, this may include negotiating with hotel operators or port operators or setting up forward sales contracts with the primary aim of securing upfront capital support that will serve as collateral for the project.

Examples of Funded Projects

Bespoke. Fast. Expert Solutions.

Lenders have collaborated with some of the biggest infrastructure project construction companies worldwide. We have also teamed up with reputable Private Equity investment groups and trusted Assets Monetizers.

Through these partnerships, we can aid in obtaining collateral either from or via our trusted partners, or the partners themselves may become part of a project.

However, it's important to note that the quality of the project will determine if we can provide financing assistance.

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$600 Million Green Resort Development

The resort development requires $600 million in financing. While the land is valued at $160 million, it may not be used as collateral due to its lack of liquidity, regardless of whether it is freehold or leasehold.

However, Lender can assist with Monetizing the land, which would provide project owners with a bridging loan or remortgage on the property. This loan could then be transferred in as collateral for our debt funding.

Furthermore, the Lender can bring in a reputable hotel operator willing to contribute upfront funding of around $50 million. This money could also be used as collateral for the project.

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$1.4 Billion Port Project in South America

Lender recently provided funding for a $1.4 billion port project in South America, where the project owner had committed 5 million US Dollars ($5M) only.

Through an innovative solution structured by Lender involving the port operators, we were able to assist the project owners in securing 100% project financing.

This means that Lender has helped the project owners obtain all the necessary funding for the project.

Ready to accelerate your project?

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